Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Understanding Racism, Sexism, and Heterosexism, and Class Privilege and difference

We’ve now read through over 20 different essays on Race, Class and Gender. My question is…..have you accepted them all, or have you critically thought about and questioned some of these notions? For this blog assignment, choose a chapter from either unit on Understanding Racism, Sexism, and Heterosexism, and Class Privilege and difference and COUTNTER IT! Specifically, provide a statement or statements made in a chapter and provide a counter argument WITH EVIDENCE (at least one piece).

The particular article is built on the regimental foundations of pure perception. Throughout the whole article, the author just makes false accusations and assumes the meanings of actions that happen between and male and a female. Her points are not factious comments, and cannot be proven in any way to be correct. As a teenager, of course I agree with the statement she makes that a girl who is sexually active is considered “slut”, but on the other hand if she is not, she is called “ a prude” is relative in the everyday high school norm, but that is not viewed as a discriminatory act.
Another point that was brought up in this article was that of which a male opens the door for a female for strictly a dominant basis. I believe that this is not the case. There are different cases in a male to female relationship where, is chosen to, the male (with a perceived sense of dominance) can “prove” it to himself and the woman who is the one with the power. For example, acts of abuse, verbal, physical, or sexual, or attempts to ensure their dominance over the female. An act of grace is purely from routine, and expectations. If a male wanted to stress their dominance, he would force the female to open the door for him.
Although the author’s feminist views are extreme, I do agree with a part of the notion that males feel an obligation to “chaperone” and “protect” over the female. Females, today in the 21st century are just as capable as any man. For example, Hilary Clinton is a perfect example of a female who has just as much capabilities as a male. She had the opportunity to run for a major political position that was mainly dominated by males.

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